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Stichodactyla gigantea (Giant carpet anemone)


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Stichodactyla gigantea, commonly known as the giant carpet anemone is a species of sea anemone that lives in the Indo-Pacific area, with a diameter usually no larger than 50 centimetres (1.6 ft) and a maximum of 80 centimetres (2.6 ft). It can be kept in an aquarium but is a very challenging species to keep alive and healthy for more than 3–5 years.
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Shelter for 
Amphiprion clarkii (Yellowtail clownfish)[1]
Amphiprion ocellaris (Clown anemonefish)[1]
Amphiprion percula (clown fish)[1]
Amphiprion perideraion (White-maned anemonefish)[1]

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