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Tephrosia vogelii (Vogel's tephrosia; Fish-Poison Bean)

Synonyms: Cracca vogelii

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Tephrosia vogelii, the Vogel's tephrosia, fish-poison-bean or Vogel tephrosia (English), tefrósia (Portuguese) or barbasco guineano (Spanish), is a flowering plant species in the genus Tephrosia. It is a herb or small tree that is native to tropical Africa and has also been used in tropical America as well as South and Southeast Asia. It is commonly used to deter pests and diseases, specifically fleas and ticks on animals. It is not suitable for livestock or human consumption because it is not highly nutritious and can be poisonous for fish and some other animals. Since it is a nitrogen-fixing plant, it can be intercropped with other plants and used as a source of green manure.
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Allergen Potential [1]  Medium-Low


Icerya purchasi (cottony cushion scale)[2]
Pseudococcus pseudocitriculus[2]

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Svalbard Global Seed Vault


Australia (introduced); Burundi (native); Cameroon (native); China (introduced); Equatorial Guinea-ISO (native); Ethiopia (native); Gabon (native); Ghana (native); Guinea Bissau (native); Honduras (introduced); India (introduced); India-ISO (native); Indonesia-ISO (introduced); Ivory Coast (native); Jamaica (introduced); Jawa (native); Kenya (uncertain); Lesser Sunda Is (native); Liberia (native); Madagascar (introduced); Malawi (native); Malaysia-ISO (introduced); Mali (native); Mauritius (introduced); Mozambique (native); Nigeria (native); Papua New Guinea (introduced); Peninsular Malaysia (native); Peru (introduced); Philippines (introduced); Rwanda (native); Sao Tome & Principe (native); Sierra Leone (native); Sri Lanka (introduced); Sudan (native); Sulawesi (native); Sumatera (native); Tanzania (uncertain); Uganda (uncertain); Zaire (native); Zambia (native); Zimbabwe (native);

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