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Bauhinia acuminata (Yellow Butterfly Tree; Mariposa; Yellow Bauhinia; White Bauhinia; Tiruvatti; Tiruvathi; St. Thomas' Tree; Petan; Guacamaya Americana; Gorro De Napoleon; Flor De Azufre; Fleur du Sacre-coeur; Dwarf White Bauhinia; Bell Bauhinia)

Synonyms: Bauhinia linnaei
Language: Hindi; Sinhala

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Bauhinia acuminata is a species of flowering shrub native to tropical southeastern Asia. Common names include: dwarf white bauhinia, white orchid-tree and snowy orchid-tree and শ্বেত কাঞ্চন(Bengali). The exact native range is obscure due to extensive cultivation, but probably from Malaysia, Indonesia (Java, Borneo, Kalimantan, Lesser Sunda Islands), and the Philippines. It is widely cultivated throughout the tropics as an ornamental plant. It may be found as an escape from cultivation in some areas, and has become naturalised on the Cape York Peninsula, Australia.
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Allergen Potential [1]  Medium-Low

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Parlatoreopsis longispina (Asiatic pomegranate scale)[2]


Andaman Is (introduced); Bangladesh (native); Brunei (native); Cambodia (introduced); China (uncertain); India (introduced); Indonesia-ISO (introduced); Jawa (native); Kalimantan (native); Laos (introduced); Mauritius (introduced); Myanmar (introduced); Pakistan (introduced); Philippines (introduced); Ryukyu Is (introduced); Sierra Leone (introduced); Sri Lanka (introduced); Taiwan (introduced); Thailand (introduced); Vietnam (introduced); Zaire (introduced);

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