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Araneus quadratus (Spider)

Synonyms: Araneus flavidus; Araneus quadratus minimus; Araneus quadratus subviridis; Araneus reaumuri

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Araneus quadratus, the four-spot orb-weaver, is a common orb-weaver spider found in Europe and Central Asia, and as far as the Kamchatka Peninsula and Japan. Females can reach 17 mm in length, especially when gravid, males approximately half that. They are quite variable in appearance, ranging from brown to bright orange or green, but they always have the characteristic four white spots on the abdomen. The darker color morphs are easiest to identify, due to the contrast between the white spots and the rest of the body. The legs are sometimes brightly striped.
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Prey / Diet

Mesembrina meridiana (Mid-day Fly)[1]

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Parasitized by 
Polysphincta tuberosa[1]


Palearctic; Spain; Switzerland, France;

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