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Eucalyptus perriniana (spinning gum)

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Eucalyptus perriniana, commonly known as Spinning Gum, is a tree or mallee which is native to New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania in Australia. Spinning gum is a sub-alpine species and grows in areas which are normally snow covered for several months in winter. However domestic cultivars can grow in almost any temperate climate.
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Allergen Potential [1]  Medium
Flower Type [2]  Hermaphrodite
Hazards [2]  Citronellal, an essential oil found in most Eucalyptus species is reported to be mutagenic when used in isolation; In large doses, oil of eucalyptus, like so many essential oils has caused fatalities from intestinal irritation; Death is reported from ingestion of 4 - 24 ml of essential oils, but recoveries are also reported for the same amount; Symptoms include gastroenteric burning and irritation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, oxygen deficiency, ,weakness, dizziness, stupor, difficult respiration, delirium, paralysis, convulsions, and death, usually due to respiratory failure;
Leaf Type [2]  Evergreen
Pollinators [2]  Bees
Structure [2]  Tree
Usage [2]  The leaves yield up to 1% essential oil;
Height [2]  20 feet (6 m)
Width [2]  14.76 feet (4.5 m)
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Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Kosciuszko National Park II 1705480 New South Wales, Australia


Gelonus tasmanicus[3]
Mnesampela privata (Autumn gum moth)[4]


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