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Larinioides cornutus (Furrow Orbweaver)

Synonyms: Larinioides foliatus; Larinioides lyrata; Larinioides tricolor

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Larinioides cornutus, the furrow spider, furrow orb spider, or foliate spider is an orb-weaver spider with Holarctic distribution. Females reach a body length of about 6–14 mm, males up to 5–9 mm. Leg spans range from 18–35 mm. These spiders are most often found in moist areas, especially near water. The web is built between grass or in low shrubbery. They hide during the day in a silken retreat that opens at the bottom, masked with plant and animal matter and leave it during the night. The web is remade in the evening.
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Prey / Diet

Coenagrion puella (Azure Damselfly)[1]
Enallagma cyathigerum (Common Blue Damselfly)[1]
Ischnura elegans (Blue-tailed Damselfly)[1]
Mesembrina meridiana (Mid-day Fly)[1]
Pyrrhosoma nymphula (Large Red Damselfly)[1]

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