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Sminthurus viridis (lucerne flea)

Synonyms: Podura viridis

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Sminthurus viridis is a member of the Collembola, the springtails, an order in the subphylum Hexapoda. The species is known by common names such as clover springtail, lucerne flea, or Lucerne earth flea. Common names such as Lucerne flea are misleading because, being a member of the Collembola, this species is not even remotely related to the fleas. Calling it a "flea" simply is a reference to its jumping ability and its small size.
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Protected Areas


Prey / Diet

Convolvulus arvensis (perennial morningglory)[1]
Medicago sativa (yellow alfalfa)[1]

Prey / Diet Overlap


Lithobius forficatus (Brown centipede)[2]
Regulus ignicapilla (Common Firecrest)[2]
Saldula saltatoria (Common Shore Bug)[2]


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