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Crossaster papposus (spiny sun star, common sun star; zonnester; piggsolstjerne; röd solsjöstjärna; Gewöhnlicher Sonnenstern; rose star)


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The common sunstar or Crossaster papposus is a species of sea star belonging to the family Solasteridae. It is found in the northern parts of both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.
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Aquarium & Rainforest at Moody Gardens
Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens
Oresundsakvariet (Oresund Aquarium)
Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Ctr


European waters (ERMS scope); North West Atlantic; Arctic Ocean; Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone; English Channel; British Isles; Calais; England; French Exclusive Economic Zone [Atlantic part]; Dutch Exclusive Economic Zone; North West Atlantic; United States Exclusive Economic Zone [Atlantic part]; Trondheim; Sargasso Sea; British Isles; Bay of Biscay; North American Basin; West European Basin; Circumboreal; Sweden; Norway; Iceland; British Isles; Netherlands; Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone; Brittany; Greenland; Barents Sea; Kola Bay; White Sea; Kara Sea; Circumboreal; North Pacific; British Isles; North West Atlantic; North Pacific; North East Atlantic; Arctic Ocean; Newfoundland Basin; Norway; Kattegat; Rockall Trough; Cobscook Bay; Gulf of Maine; Sea of Japan; Okhotsk Sea; Arctic Ocean; Pacific Ocean; USA;

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