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Ribes lacustre (prickly currant)


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The shrub Ribes lacustre is known by the common names prickly currant, black swamp gooseberry, and black gooseberry. It is widely distributed, from California to Alaska and across North America east to Pennsylvania and Newfoundland, and south as far as New Mexico. The shrub grows erect to spreading, 0.5–2 m. Clusters of reddish to maroon flowers bloom in spring. The fruit consists of dark purple berries 6–8 mm long. It blooms in April through August and may be found in low-elevation forests to the subalpine.
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Bloom Period [1]  Early Spring
Drought Tolerance [1]  Low
Edible [2]  May be edible. See the Plants For A Future link below for details.
Fire Tolerance [1]  Medium
Flower Type [2]  Hermaphrodite
Frost Free Days [1]  4 months
Fruit/Seed Begin [1]  Spring
Fruit/Seed End [1]  Summer
Growth Form [1]  Thicket Forming
Growth Rate [1]  Rapid
Hazards [2]  Skin contact with the spines can cause an allergic reaction in some people;
Leaf Type [2]  Deciduous
Lifespan [1]  Perennial
Pollinators [2]  Insects, Lepidoptera
Propagation [1]  Cutting
Root Depth [1]  12 inches (30 cm)
Seed Spread Rate [1]  Moderate
Seed Vigor [1]  Medium
Seeds Per [1]  515799 / lb (1137143 / kg)
Shape/Orientation [1]  Erect
Structure [2]  Shrub
Usage [2]  The roots have been boiled with cedar (Juniperus spp, Thuja sp.) and wild rose (Rosa spp) roots, then pounded and woven into rope; The sharp thorns have been used as probes for boils, for removing splinters and for tattooing;
Flower Color [1]  Purple
Foliage Color [1]  Green
Fruit Color [1]  Black
Height [2]  4.92 feet (1.5 m)
Hardiness Zone Minimum [1]  USDA Zone: 0 Low Temperature: -65 F° (-53.9 C°) → -60 F° (-51.1 C°)
Light Preference [1]  Mostly Shady
Soil Acidity [1]  Neutral
Screening - Summer [1]  Moderate
Screening - Winter [1]  Porous
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