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Charmosyna papou (Papuan Lorikeet)

Synonyms: Glossopsitta papou; Psittacus papou

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The Papuan lorikeet, also known as Stella's lorikeet and Mount-Goliath lorikeet (Charmosyna papou) is a species of parrot in the family Psittaculidae.It is found in West Papua, Indonesia.Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.
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Charmosyna papou goliathina (Central Stella's lory)
Charmosyna papou papou (Papuan lory)
Charmosyna papou stellae (Stella's lory)
Charmosyna papou wahnesi (Huon peninsula lory)

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ED Score: 4.00874
EDGE Score: 1.61118


Adult Weight [1]  83 grams
Male Weight [4]  87 grams
Diet [2]  Frugivore, Nectarivore, Granivore, Herbivore
Diet - Fruit [2]  30 %
Diet - Nectar [2]  20 %
Diet - Plants [2]  40 %
Diet - Seeds [2]  10 %
Forages - Canopy [2]  40 %
Forages - Mid-High [2]  60 %
Maximum Longevity [3]  11 years


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