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Pterodroma magentae (Magenta Petrel)

Wikipedia Abstract

The Magenta petrel or Chatham Island taiko (Pterodroma magentae) is a small seabird in the gadfly petrel genus, Pterodroma. The first specimen of the Magenta petrel was collected from His Italian Majesty's ship Magenta on July 22, 1867 in the South Pacific ocean, midway between New Zealand and South America. The link between it and the presumed-extinct Chatham Island taiko was only confirmed when the first taiko was caught on Chatham Island, New Zealand by David Crockett on January 1, 1978. Formerly widespread on Chatham Island, the taiko is now confined to the forested Tuku valley system on the south-west of the island.
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Endangered Species

Status: Critically Endangered
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EDGE Analysis

Uniqueness Scale: Similiar (0) 
 Unique (100)
Uniqueness & Vulnerability Scale: Similiar & Secure (0) 
 Unique & Vulnerable (100)
ED Score: 5.90476
EDGE Score: 4.7048


Adult Weight [1]  1.025 lbs (465 g)
Diet [2]  Carnivore (Invertebrates)
Diet - Invertibrates [2]  100 %
Forages - Water Surface [2]  100 %
Clutch Size [3]  1
Incubation [3]  52 days
Maximum Longevity [3]  25 years
Wing Span [3]  3.346 feet (1.02 m)


Name Countries Ecozone Biome Species Report Climate Land
Chatham Island temperate forests New Zealand Australasia Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests  

Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE) Sites

Name  Location   Map   Climate   Land Use 
Chatham Islands New Zealand  

Biodiversity Hotspots

Name Location Endemic Species Website
New Zealand New Zealand Yes

Prey / Diet

Gonatus antarcticus[3]
Kondakovia longimana (Giant Warty Squid)[4]
Sio nordenskjoldii (Bigscale)[3]
Teuthowenia pellucida (googly-eyed glass squid)[3]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Procellaria parkinsoni (Parkinson's Petrel)1
Procellaria westlandica (Westland Petrel)1
Pterodroma mollis (Soft-plumaged Petrel)1


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