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Mysateles garridoi (Garrido's hutia)

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Garrido's hutia (Mysateles garridoi) is a critically endangered or possibly extinct species that is found in the Greater Antillean moist forests Global 200 ecoregion. Its previous range is thought to have included small islands in the Banco de los Jardins y Jardinillos of Canarreos Archipelago south of Cuba's Zapata Peninsula and east of the Isle of Youth. A single animal was collected around 1970 on Cayos Maja off of south-central Cuba. In 1989, two additional animals were captured alive in keys near Cayos Maja. Human activity in the animal's range is increasing. Hutia are hunted by fishermen.
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Forages - Arboreal [1]  100 %
Nocturnal [1]  Yes

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ArchipiĆ©lago de los Canarreos Cuba  

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