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Runcinia grammica

Synonyms: Runcinia cerina

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Runcinia grammica (Sometimes also referred to as Runcinia lateralis) is a species of spider of the genus Runcinia. It generally lives in peat bogs, fens, and meadows, although it has also been known to inhabit urban areas They usually mature to adulthood in the summer. They have short, broad bodies, which are covered in hair and spines. They have clear muscular corrugation on their sides, and, on small raised bumps on their heads, eight small eyes. Males are usually 2.5–3.5mm in length, females 4-6mm. Unlike many spiders, they do not spin a web of any kind. Instead, they prowl on the ground, as well as climbing plants and flowers, to find their prey. They can move forwards, backwards, and sideways. Runcina grammicas have reportedly been sighted in various areas of Southeastern Spain and So
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Prey / Diet

Episyrphus balteatus (Marmelade Fly)[1]


Palearctic, St. Helena, South Africa;

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