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Litoria raniformis (Green And Gold Frog)

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The growling grass frog (Litoria raniformis), also commonly known as the southern bell frog, warty swamp frog and erroneously as the green frog is a species of ground-dwelling tree frog native to southeastern Australia, ranging from southern South Australia along the Murray River though Victoria to New South Wales, with populations through Tasmania. This species' common names vary between states; the name southern bell frog applies to New South Wales, growling grass frog in Victoria and South Australia, and green and gold frog in Tasmania. This species has been introduced to New Zealand.
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Endangered Species

Status: Endangered
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EDGE Analysis

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ED Score: 8.8
EDGE Score: 4.36


Adult Weight [1]  65.2 grams
Diet [1]  Carnivore (Invertebrates), Carnivore (Vertebrates)
Female Maturity [1]  2 years
Male Maturity [1]  2 years
Litter Size [1]  2,889
Litters / Year [1]  1
Maximum Longevity [1]  5 years
Snout to Vent Length [1]  3.543 inches (9 cm)


Protected Areas


Botaurus poiciloptilus (Australasian Bittern)[2]


Parasitized by 
Nyctotheroides raffae <Unverified Name>[3]
Protoopalina hylarum <Unverified Name>[3]
Protoopalina raffae <Unverified Name>[3]
Spironucleus elegans <Unverified Name>[3]

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