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Sooglossus sechellensis (Seychelles frog)

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The Seychelle Islands treefrog or Seychelles treefrog (Tachycnemis seychellensis) is a species of frog in the Hyperoliidae family.It is endemic to Seychelles.Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, rivers, swamps, freshwater marshes, intermittent freshwater marshes, plantations, rural gardens, heavily degraded former forest, and irrigated land. T. seychellensis is the only species in the genus Tachycnemis.
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Endangered Species

Status: Endangered
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EDGE Analysis

The Seychelles frog measures 20 mm in length and inhabits leaf litter on the forest floor. They guard their eggs in terrestrial nests and care for their young. The female deposits 6-15 eggs in a hidden, damp nest, where they are guarded by one of the parents. The tiny tadpoles crawl onto the back of the guarding parent immediately after hatching, and become glued on by mucus. They subsequently metamorphose into miniscule froglets and remain on their parent’s back until they are ready to live independently. It is a locally common species in parts of its tiny range, but is now declining because of habitat loss in its limited distribution.
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EDGE Score: 5.74
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Litter Size [1]  15
Litters / Year [1]  1
Snout to Vent Length [1]  0.669 inches (1.7 cm)


Name Countries Ecozone Biome Species Report Climate Land
Granitic Seychelles forests Seychelles Afrotropic Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests    

Biodiversity Hotspots

Name Location Endemic Species Website
Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles Yes

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