Animalia > Annelida > Polychaeta > Spionida > Spionidae > Pygospio > Pygospio elegans

Pygospio elegans

Synonyms: Pygospio minutus; Spio inversa; Spio rathbuni

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Parasitized by 
Lepocreadium setiferoides[4]


European waters (ERMS scope); North West Atlantic; Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone; Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone; Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone; Westerschelde; Baie de la Seine; British Isles; Golfe Normanno-Breton; Plymouth; Roscoff; Wimereux; Wimereux; Ukrainian Exclusive Economic Zone; Cobscook Bay; Gulf of Maine; Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone; Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone; Greek Exclusive Economic Zone; Gulf of Mexico;

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