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Name Type IUCN Category Area acres Country  State  Species Website Climate Land Use
Grünes Band Sachsen / Bayern 1811 Germany  
Grunewald 3933 Germany  
Gruppo Antelao - Marmarole - Sorapis 42178 Italy  
Gruppo del Monviso e Bosco dell'Alevè 17871 Italy  
Grybaulios zuvininkystes tvenkiniai 1834 Lithuania  
Grytaberget 782 Sweden  
Grytabergsbranten 176 Sweden  
Grytsjön 349 Sweden  
Gryvelån 947 Sweden  
Guadalupe Mountains National Park National Park II 46114 United States Texas
Guadeloupe Archipelago Biosphere Reserve 172250 Guadeloupe  
Guadeloupe National Park - Buffer zone National Park - Buffer zone 554858 Guadeloupe    
Guajiquiro Biological Reserve Biological Reserve 16556 Honduras La Paz      
Guam National Wildlife Refuge National Wildlife Refuge 23228 United States Guam  
Guanacaste National Park National Park II 85819 Costa Rica  
Guanahacabibes National Park National Park II 98412 Cuba    
Guanaja Marine Reserve 69190 Honduras      
Guanentá-alto Río Fonce Fauna And Flora Sanctuary Fauna And Flora Sanctuary 25771 Colombia Santander  
Guanica Biosphere Reserve Biosphere Reserve 9884 Puerto Rico  
Guanica Commonwealth Forest Commonwealth Forest 13349 United States Puerto Rico  
Guarapiche Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 914290 Venezuela      
Guaraqueçaba State Environmental Protection Area State Environmental Protection Area 499778 Brazil Paraná  
Guaratuba State Environmental Protection Area State Environmental Protection Area 491312 Brazil Paraná  
Guatopo National Park National Park II 302615 Venezuela  
Gubernijos miskas 47598 Lithuania  
Guddehjälm 387 Sweden  
Gudenå og Gjern Bakker 2014 Denmark  
Guilarte Commonwealth Forest Commonwealth Forest 3504 United States Puerto Rico    
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park National Military Park V 216 United States North Carolina
Guirila Classified Forest Classified Forest 20016 Guinea Beyla      
Guisayote Biological Reserve Biological Reserve 21276 Honduras Ocotepeque  
Gulbju un Platpirovas purvs 4260 Latvia  
Guldnäsbäcken 7 Sweden  
Gulf Island National Seashore National Seashore II 67487 United States Florida, Mississippi
Gulf Islands National Park National Park Reserve II 8785 Canada British Columbia
Gullberna 7 Sweden  
Gullbringa 60 Sweden  
Gullegärde 26 Sweden  
Gullhättkullen 15 Sweden  
Gullmarsberg 91 Sweden  
Gullmarsfjorden 28143 Sweden  
Gullsjöälven 5 Sweden  
Gullspångsälven 387 Sweden  
Gumai Pasemah Wildlife Reserve Wildlife Reserve 113256 Indonesia      
Gumby-Bultsbols odlingslandskap 181 Sweden  
Gummagölsmåla 60 Sweden  
Gummandooran saaristo 8140 Finland  
Gummas 55 Sweden  
Gunnarstenarna 836 Sweden  
Gunniltorp 78 Sweden  
Gunung Ambang Nature Reserve Nature Reserve Ia 30987 Indonesia Sulawesi  
Gunung Gading National Park National Park II 10840 Malaysia Sarawak
Gunung Jerai Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 16692 Malaysia Kedah  
Gunung Leuser National Park National Park II 2203368 Indonesia Sumatra
Gunung Lompobatang Protection Forest Protection Forest 49421 Indonesia  
Gunung Lorentz National Park National Park 6189990 Indonesia Papua      
Gunung Manembo-nembo Nature Reserve Wildlife Reserve IV 18731 Indonesia Sulawesi  
Gunung Merapi Protection Forest Protection Forest 23895 Indonesia  
Gunung Nanu'a Game Reserve Game Reserve 24711 Indonesia Bengkulu      
Gunung Niut Wildlife Reserve Nature Reserve IV 409109 Indonesia Kalimantan  
Gunung Palung National Park National Park II 271203 Indonesia Kalimantan  
Gunung Papandayan Nature Reserve Nature Reserve 16358 Indonesia  
Gunung Patah/Bepagut/Muara Duakisim Protection Forest Protection Forest 226484 Indonesia  
Gunung Singgalang Protection Forest Protection Forest 23865 Indonesia  
Guorte, Joesjö 1185 Sweden  
Gurgler Kamm Biosphere Reserve 3707 Austria  
Gusower Niederheide 162 Germany  
Gussjön 251 Sweden  
Gustav-Adolf-Kapelle Witterda   Germany  
Gustavsberg-Korpberget 124 Sweden  
Gustavsmurarna 176 Sweden  
Gutian Nature Reserve Nature Reserve 8896 China      
Gutswald Stovern 282 Germany  
Guy Fawkes River National Park National Park II 270783 Australia New South Wales      
Guyane (parc amazonien) National Park - Core Area National Park II 5000271 French Guiana  
Guyane Regional Nature Park Regional Nature Park 657206 French Guiana    
Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve National Park Reserve II 366714 Canada British Columbia
Gweunydd Blaencleddau 371 United Kingdom Wales  
Gydansky State Nature Reserve 2170015 Russia Yamalo-Nenets
Gyllbergen, Borlängesidan 2673 Sweden  
Gyllbergen, Ludvikasidan 1346 Sweden  
Gyllebo 47 Sweden  
Gysinge 1168 Sweden  
H.J. Andrews Biosphere Reserve Biosphere Reserve 15815 United States Oregon
Ha-Hula Nature Reserve Nature Reserve 1006 Israel HaẔafon  
Haaler Au-Niederung 2382 Germany  
Haanja 41767 Estonia  
Haapajärvi 546 Finland  
Haapajärvi-Säärystenjärvi 541 Finland  
Haapakeidas 14280 Finland  
Haapalahti 376 Finland  
Haapasaari - Luhtanen - Majaluhta 148 Finland  
Haapasuo-Syysniemi-Rutajärvi-Kivijärvi 12513 Finland  
Haapaveden lintuvedet ja suot 8935 Finland  
Haapsi 148 Estonia  
Haaren und Wold bei Wechloy 495 Germany  
Haarmoos 685 Germany  
Haavakannu 2981 Estonia  
Habichtswald 998 Germany  
Haboskogen 21 Sweden  
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