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Name Type IUCN Category Area acres Country  State  Species Website Climate Land Use
Lurån 69 Sweden  
Lusebredde, Hellinghäuser Wiesen und Klostermersch 1463 Germany  
Lustgården 711 Sweden  
Lütjenholmer und Bargumer Heide 773 Germany  
Lüübnitsa 3811 Estonia  
Luupuveden lintujärvet 3501 Finland  
Luusika 1086 Estonia    
Luvian saaristo 18785 Finland  
Lya ljunghed och Älemossen 570 Sweden  
Lyabäcken 30 Sweden  
Lybergseggen 32 Sweden  
Lybergsgnupen 535 Sweden  
Lycke 428 Sweden  
Lyckeby ekebacke 33 Sweden  
Lyckebyåns dalgång 29 Sweden  
Lydden and Temple Ewell Downs 152 United Kingdom England
Lyme Bay and Torbay 77215 United Kingdom England
Lyngby 11 Sweden  
Lyngsjön 207 Sweden  
Lyppard Grange Ponds 3 United Kingdom England  
Lysa Góra 6780 Poland  
Lysegården 37 Sweden  
Lysegården (östra) 44 Sweden  
Lysegrund 7804 Denmark      
Lysings urskog 25 Sweden  
Læsø, sydlige del 253812 Denmark    
Løgstør Bredning, Vejlerne og Bulbjerg 110624 Denmark    
Lønborg Hede 872 Denmark  
Ma Campagne au sud de Malmedy (Malmedy) 118 Belgium  
Ma On Shan Country Park Country Park 5634 China Hong Kong  
Maakannuskarinlahti ja Viirretjoen suisto 504 Finland    
Maaningan lintujärvet 1287 Finland  
Maapaju 1108 Estonia  
Maaselkä 7982 Finland  
Macaé de Cima State Environmental Protection Area State Environmental Protection Area 86707 Brazil Rio de Janeiro  
Macarao National Park National Park II 44345 Venezuela  
Macchabee-Bel Ombre Nature Reserve Biosphere Reserve 8881 Mauritius    
Macchia di Tatti - Berignone 6150 Italy  
Macchia lucchese 1003 Italy  
Macchiatonda 598 Italy  
Machalilla National Park National Park II 185475 Ecuador Manabí  
Mache Chindul National Park National Park II 294480 Ecuador  
Machiguenga Communal Reserve Communal Reserve 540926 Peru      
Macizo Acahay Natural Monument Natural Monument III 6320 Paraguay  
Macizo de Tauro 3074 Spain  
Macizo Montañoso del Turimiquire Protective Zone Protective Zone 1334369 Venezuela  
Måckelmyran 154 Sweden  
Macquarie Island Nature Reserve Nature Reserve Ia 233540 Australia Tasmania  
Macuira Natural National Park Natural National Park 61776 Colombia La Guajira    
Mädajõe 58 Estonia  
Madeira Nature Park Nature Park 109460 Portugal    
Maden på Helnæs og havet vest for 5053 Denmark  
Maderas del Carmen Flora and Fauna Protection Area Flora and Fauna Protection Area 514921 Mexico Coahuila      
Maderna-Haketjärn 459 Sweden  
Madidi National Park National Park II 3194501 Bolivia  
Madzharovo 8773 Bulgaria  
Mae Ping National Park National Park II 259897 Thailand
Mae Sa-Kog Ma Reserve Reserve   Thailand      
Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary IV 307947 Thailand  
Mae Wong National Park National Park II 221459 Thailand
Mae Yom National Park National Park II 123569 Thailand
Mae Yuam Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary   Thailand      
Maenam Phachi Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary IV 122816 Thailand  
Mäetaguse 131 Estonia  
Mafia Island Marine Park Marine Park 203121 Tanzania  
Mafwomero Forest Reserve Forest Reserve 8226 Tanzania  
Magadan State Nature Reserve 2183959 Russia Magadan
Magadansky Zapovednik Zapovednik 2332834 Russia  
MAGASCA 26802 Spain  
Mågerodde og Karby Odde 1228 Denmark  
Magerrasen Schönwalde 13 Germany  
Magnehults domänreservat 6 Sweden  
Magredi di Pordenone 24950 Italy  
Magsjötorp 63 Sweden  
Mahale Mountains National Park National Park II 398414 Tanzania
Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park Marine National Park 69560 India Andaman and Nicobar Islands  
Mahazat-as-Sayd Protected Area Protected Area 541161 Saudi Arabia  
Mahtra 18704 Estonia  
Mahu-Rannametsa 1054 Estonia    
Maidla-Iganõmme 818 Estonia  
Maigmó i Serres de la Foia de Castalla 48344 Spain  
Maiko National Park National Park II 2689932 Democratic Republic of the Congo      
Main Range National Park National Park II 73464 Australia Queensland      
Mainaue zwischen Eltmann und Haßfurt 3287 Germany  
Maintal zwischen Schweinfurt und Dettelbach 7582 Germany  
Majathal Sanctuary Sanctuary IV 5913 India Himachal Pradesh  
Majö 68 Sweden  
Makao Wildlife Management Area Wildlife Management Area 190024 Tanzania      
Makkaraberget 85 Sweden  
Malá Fatra 176505 Slovakia  
Malagarasi-Muyovozi Wetlands Wetland of International Importance Wetlands Wetland of International Importance 8030925 Tanzania      
Malampaya Sound Protected Landscape/Seascape Protected Landscape/Seascape 496158 Philippines      
Målaskogsberg 151 Sweden  
Malaya Sozva Zapovednik Zapovednik Ia 557376 Russia Khanty-Mansiysk
Malé Karpaty 125118 Slovakia  
Male Pieniny 4635 Poland  
Malgomajlandet 164 Sweden  
Malinche o Matlalcueyatl National Park National Park II   Mexico      
Malindi-Watamu Biosphere Reserve Biosphere Reserve 48433 Kenya  
Maljan 34 Sweden  
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