Diet Overlap

Lates niloticus (Victoria perch)
Enteromius brevipinnis (Shortfin Barb)

Common Diet

Caridina nilotica

Common Habitat

Africa-Inland Waters

Attributes / relations provided by
1Budeba YL (1999) The role of Caridina Nilotica (Roux) in Lake Victoria fisheries with reference to Lates niloticus (L.). In: Report on the 4th Fisheries Data Working Group (FIDAWOG) Workshop (eds IGCowx & D. Tweddle) pp. 163–74. LVFRP, Jinja, Uganda.
2Aspects of the length, mass, fecundity, feeding habits and some parasites of the shortfin minnow, Barbus brevipinnis (Cyprinidae) from the Marite River, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, GWC Schulz and HJ Schoonbee, Water SA Vol. 25 No. 2 April 1999, p. 257-264