Captive Endangered Species

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Glyptemys muhlenbergii (Bog Turtle) (Critically Endangered)
Gorilla gorilla (gorilla) (Critically Endangered)
Gorsachius goisagi (Japanese Night Heron) (Endangered)
Graptemys caglei (Cagle's Map Turtle) (Endangered)
Grus americana (Whooping Crane) (Endangered)
Grus japonensis (Red-crowned Crane) (Endangered)
Grus leucogeranus (Siberian Crane) (Critically Endangered)
Gubernatrix cristata (Yellow Cardinal) (Endangered)
Gymnogyps californianus (California Condor) (Critically Endangered)
Gyps africanus (White-backed Vulture) (Critically Endangered)
Gyps bengalensis (White-rumped Vulture) (Critically Endangered)
Gyps coprotheres (Cape Vulture) (Endangered)
Gyps indicus (Indian Vulture) (Critically Endangered)
Gyps rueppellii (Rüppell's Vulture) (Critically Endangered)
Haplochromis guiarti (Lake Victoria cichlid) (Critically Endangered)
Haplochromis ishmaeli (Lake Victoria cichlid) (Critically Endangered)
Haplochromis parvidens (Lake Victoria cichlid) (Critically Endangered)
Haplochromis perrieri (Lake Victoria cichlid) (Critically Endangered)
Harpyhaliaetus coronatus (Crowned Solitary Eagle) (Endangered)
Hemichromis cerasogaster (Cichlid) (Endangered)
Hemitragus jayakari (Arabian tahr) (Endangered)
Heosemys annandalii (Yellow-headed Temple Turtle) (Endangered)
Heosemys depressa (Arakan Forest Turtle) (Critically Endangered)
Heosemys spinosa (Spiny turtle) (Endangered)
Hesperalbizia occidentalis (Endangered)
Hexaprotodon liberiensis (pygmy hippopotamus) (Endangered)
Hippocampus capensis (Cape seahorse) (Endangered)
Hippocampus whitei (Common sea-horse) (Endangered)
Hippoglossus hippoglossus (Halibut) (Endangered)
Huso huso (Beluga) (Critically Endangered)
Hylobates agilis (agile gibbon) (Endangered)
Hylobates klossii (Kloss's gibbon) (Endangered)
Hylobates lar (white-handed gibbon) (Endangered)
Hylobates moloch (silvery gibbon) (Endangered)
Hylobates muelleri (Borneo gibbon) (Endangered)
Hylobates pileatus (pileated gibbon) (Endangered)
Hylomantis lemur (Lemur leaf frog) (Critically Endangered)
Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos (Blue Duck) (Endangered)
Hyperolius puncticulatus (Reed frog) (Endangered)
Hypogeomys antimena (Malagasy giant rat) (Endangered)
Icterus dominicensis (Hispaniolan Oriole) (Critically Endangered)
Iguana delicatissima (West Indian Iguana, Lesser Antillean Iguana) (Critically Endangered)
Ilyodon whitei (Balsas splitfin) (Critically Endangered)
Incilius cavifrons (Mountain Toad) (Endangered)
Indotestudo elongata (Elongated Tortoise) (Endangered)
Indotestudo forstenii (Travancore Tortoise, Forsten’s Tortoise) (Endangered)
Katria katria (Cichlid) (Endangered)
Kobus megaceros (Nile lechwe) (Endangered)
Konia eisentrauti (Konye) (Critically Endangered)
Labeo victorianus (Ningu) (Critically Endangered)
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