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Note: The species data listed below are what the institution has chosen to report.


Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
Scleropages formosus (Sclerapages) (Endangered)
Amphibia (amphibians)
Ambystoma mexicanum (Axolotl) (Critically Endangered)
Amphiuma tridactylum (Three-toed Amphiuma)
Andrias japonicus (Japanese giant salamander)
Bombina orientalis (Oriental firebelly toad)
Boophis albilabris (Malagasy tree frog)
Bufo japonicus (Toad)
Bufo japonicus formosus (Toad)
Bufo torrenticola (Toad)
Ceratophrys ornata (Ornate horned frog)
Cynops pyrrhogaster pyrrhogaster (Japanese firebelly newt)
Dendrobates auratus (Green and Black Dart-poison Frog)
Dendrobates tinctorius (dyeing dart frog)
Dyscophus guineti (Sambava tomato frog)
Echinotriton andersoni (Anderson's Crocodile Newt) (Endangered)
Glandirana rugosa (Japanese Wrinkled Frog)
Hyla cinerea (Green Treefrog)
Hyla japonica (Japanese treefrog)
Hynobius nebulosus (Clouded salamander)
Hynobius nebulosus tokyoensis (Clouded salamander)
Hynobius retardatus (Japanese salamander)
Lepidobatrachus laevis (Budgett's frog)
Lithobates catesbeianus (American Bullfrog)
Mantella aurantiaca (Golden mantella) (Critically Endangered)
Mantella laevigata (Arboreal mantella)
Mantella pulchra (Splendid mantella)
Megophrys nasuta (long-nosed horned frog)
Phyllobates lugubris (Lovely poison dart frog)
Phyllobates vittatus (Golfodulcean Poison Frog) (Endangered)
Pipa pipa (Surinam toad)
Pleurodeles waltl (Iberian ribbed newt)
Pseudotriton ruber (Red Salamander)
Ranitomeya ventrimaculata
Rhacophorus reinwardtii (Reinwardt's flying frog)
Rhacophorus schlegelii (Schlegel's foam-nest frog)
Rhinella schneideri (Rococo Toad)
Salamandra salamandra (European fire salamander)
Siren lacertina (Greater siren)
Taricha torosa (California Newt)
Theloderma corticale (Tonkin bug-eyed frog)
Tylototriton verrucosus (Mandarin salamander)
Xenopus laevis (African Clawed Frog)
Aves (birds)
Aburria pipile (Trinidad piping guan) (Critically Endangered)
Accipiter gentilis (Northern Goshawk)
Accipiter gentilis fujiyamae (Northern Goshawk)
Accipiter gularis (Japanese Sparrowhawk)
Acrocephalus bistrigiceps (Black-browed Reed Warbler)
Actophilornis africanus (African Jacana)
Aegithalos caudatus (Long-tailed Bushtit)
Agapornis fischeri (Fischer's Lovebird)
Aix galericulata (Mandarin Duck)
Alcedo atthis (Common Kingfisher)
Alcedo atthis japonica (Common Kingfisher)
Alectoris barbara (Barbary Partridge)
Alectoris chukar (Chukar Partridge)
Alectura lathami lathami (Australian Brushturkey)
Alopochen aegyptiaca (Egyptian Goose)
Amaurornis phoenicurus (White-breasted Waterhen)
Amazona ochrocephala (Yellow-crowned Parrot)
Anas capensis (Cape Teal)
Anas erythrorhyncha (Red-billed Teal)
Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard)
Anas platyrhynchos domestic indian_runner (Mallard)
Anas platyrhynchos domestic mini (Mallard)
Anser albifrons frontalis (Greater White-fronted Goose)
Anser cygnoides (Swan Goose)
Anser erythropus (Lesser White-fronted Goose)
Anser fabalis (Bean Goose)
Anser indicus (Bar-headed Goose)
Anseranas semipalmata (Magpie-Goose)
Anthropoides virgo (Demoiselle Crane)
Anthus hodgsoni (Olive-backed Pipit)
Aptenodytes patagonicus (King Penguin)
Aramides ypecaha (Giant Wood Rail)
Ardea cinerea (Grey Heron)
Arenaria interpres (Ruddy Turnstone)
Argusianus argus (Great Argus)
Balaeniceps rex (Shoebill)
Bambusicola thoracicus thoracicus (Chinese Bamboo Partridge)
Bombycilla garrulus (Bohemian Waxwing)
Branta canadensis canadensis (Canada Goose)
Branta canadensis leucopareia (Canada Goose)
Bubo nipalensis (Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl)
Bubo scandiacus (Snowy Owl)
Bubo sumatranus (Barred Eagle-Owl)
Bucorvus leadbeateri (Southern Ground Hornbill)
Bugeranus carunculatus (wattled crane)
Buteo buteo japonicus (Common Buzzard)
Butorides striata (Green-backed Heron)
Cacatua galerita triton (Sulphur-crested Cockatoo)
Cacatua sulphurea (Yellow-crested Cockatoo) (Critically Endangered)
Caloenas nicobarica (Nicobar Pigeon)
Caprimulgus indicus (Grey Nightjar)
Carpodacus sibiricus (Long-tailed Rosefinch)
Catreus wallichii (Cheer Pheasant)
Chauna torquata (Southern Screamer)
Chen caerulescens (Snow Goose)
Chloris sinica (Oriental Greenfinch)
Ciconia boyciana (Oriental Stork) (Endangered)
Cinnyricinclus leucogaster (Violet-backed Starling)
Institution information provided by International Species Information System - May 2011