Parque De La Naturaleza Selwo (GRPR)

29680 Estepona, Malaga, Spain
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Note: The species data listed below are what the institution has chosen to report.


Aves (birds)
Alectoris rufa (Red-legged Partridge)
Anas platyrhynchos (Mallard)
Aplonis panayensis (Asian Glossy Starling)
Hylopsar purpureiceps (Purple-headed Starling)
Numida meleagris (Helmeted Guineafowl)
Pavo cristatus (Indian Peafowl)
Phasianus colchicus (Ring-necked Pheasant)
Quelea quelea (Red-billed Quelea)
Threskiornis aethiopicus (Sacred Ibis)
Mammalia (mammals)
Canis lupus occidentalis (Wolf)
Equus caballus (horse)
Rousettus aegyptiacus (Egyptian rousette)
Paridae (Tits, chickadees)
Institution information provided by International Species Information System - May 2011